Born in Sydney, Australia, Josh Schuberth is a Producer, Engineer and Multi-Instrumentalist that has worked with some of the world’s finest Country, Alt-Country, Americana, Folk, Indie and Pop artists. His career so far has seen him work with various ARIA and Golden Guitar award winning artists such as Shane Nicholson, Sara Storer, Josh Pyke, Travis Collins & Amber Lawrence, The Wolfe Brothers, John Williamson, Graeme Connors, Lyn Bowtell, Fanny Lumsden, Bennett Bowtell Urquhart, Brad Butcher and many more.

Recording in Josh’s studio is like walking into his home. You don’t just make music, you make a lifelong friendship.
— Mike Paxton

Working from his own purpose built facility in the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney), Josh works closely with artists to craft their dream record in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

Seeking to simplify the recording process for artists, Josh utilises his range of skills as a producer, engineer and session musician, achieving outstanding quality with less stress and complication, giving you more time to focus on what’s important… The Song!

With a production approach that considers what’s right for the song first and foremost, Josh prides himself on delivering world class recordings that remain true to an artists vision for themselves and their songs.

The thing I love about working with Josh is he gets totally invested in the song. He’s on your team the whole time and the result is always something you’re both proud of and connected to.
— Katie Jayne

Whether it be working in person or remotely via the internet, the possibilities for making a record in a contemporary, cost effective way are many and varied, and flexibility is an important part of Josh’s approach.

If you’re interested in talking to Josh about your next recording or mixing project, why not get in touch! No matter what your budget is, the first step is to start the conversation… What have you got to lose?


Josh Schuberth has to be the kindest, most fun and talented producer around. He does everything... creating sounds, playing the instruments and bringing songs to life. His vibe is uplifting and gives you the best working atmosphere to create your music. Josh is the guy you want to produce killer tracks with.
— Kate Hindle
Josh Knows how to work with an artist to get the best from them in the studio. He is patient and kind but not afraid to push you to your full potential... Josh doesn’t stay between the lines just to keep things safe. He’s willing to explore genres and sounds to create unique arrangements that set your songs apart from todays cut and copy culture.
— Katie Jayne
Josh has played on my last three studio albums. He is a ‘next level’ musician who connects to what he’s recording and always plays what’s best for the song. Josh is one of the best drummers I’ve worked with, hands down and now I won’t work with anyone else in the studio!
— Lyn Bowtell







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